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About Us

May be an image of Nellie Corriveau, hair, eyeglasses and outerwear

Nellie helps women with phones and laptops make six figures (and more) online while living their best life.

She can’t-stop-won’t-stop until more women are making more money. Even if that means she’s moving around in a pink wheelchair when she’s 90 (and still fabulous).

She may only be a morning person for the strong coffee and smiling faces during CEO time with clients, but she could sit and brainstorm with you all damn day!

Nellie works so she can travel more and buy all the cute clothes this world has to offer. She can effortlessly style you to feel as beautiful on the outside as you already are on the inside. #shamelessplug

She loves teaching all the fun and duplicable strategies that helped her make over six figures FAST, with very little childcare!

Her real name is Jenelle but that’s too long to type and isn’t as cool as “Nellie”, and she’s cool, so...

She messes up her speech and has has typos all the time in emails and posts. (Hey, you don’t have to be smart or perfect to make really good money.)

She hates laundry and dishes, loves organizing and moving furniture around, and watches way too much Netflix on the weekends. 

She wears her heart on her sleeve and will say she loves you from day one, while dropping f-bombs whenever you hang out, so if that’s not your thing she’s probably not for you, so fuck off.

She might drive her team crazy with all her ideas and Red Bull type action, but they keep showing up. (Maybe they are staying for that seven figure Hawaii trip...I would. I mean, Nellie would.)

She never thought she would like brussel sprouts but then she kicked her health and fitness game up (#quarantinebod) and is learning to coexist with veggies again. Except on Taco Tuesday, because #tacos.

She wrote this whole thing in third person to try to be a little professional but it’s really me...

So If you think we can be friends, say hi!